Thai Soul Concept

About Thai SoulThe soul of traditional Thai massage & spa by Thai people, with high qualifications in massage and spa treatments. 

Thai Soul Brand Logo & Name

The Thai soul logo looks like the “Chada” because it is the one of many things that can communicate to Thailand and Thai traditions. The Chada is the hat that sits on the head of Thai opera actors that has used from ancient of Thailand. Also the shape of the Chada looks like “S” that means  “Soul” for the name “Thai Soul”

The Thai Soul name was chosen to reflect the experience of Thai culture , friendliness, relaxation, and the famous “Land of Smiles” that it is known for around the world. 

The names of the treatment rooms

Thai MassageThai soul hopes to pamper our customers to be happy each time they visit us. Therefore, we have named each one of our treatment rooms using  the meaning of “Happiness” in the Thai language. We have seven treatment rooms which provide you with a relaxing time to replenish your mind body and soul. Their names are

1. Sumraan       = happy, happily and revel
2. Saraanrom    = happy, happily and revel
3. Sommanus    = happy, joyful, happily
4. Sabuy            = be comfortable , easily
5. Sabuyguy       = feel comfortable
6. Sabuyjai         = be happy , pleasingly , enjoy
7. Sabuydee       = be fine
Soul special!!! We have the elegant couple room for you and someone special.

Thai Soul people

Thai Soul people have qualifications in the massage & spa field. So, you can believe in all of our services. At Thai Soul we have employees who have completed courses covering aspects of the spa and massage business. These include…

  • Spa development
  • Spa treatment
  • Facial treatment
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Thai Remedial massage (Advance of Thai massage)
  • Aroma and oil massage
  • Massage for women's health care
  • Foot massage & reflexology

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